The company network has evolved into a critical business tool. The growth in Internet usage, download services, and outside e-mail present many security issues, including introduction of destructive viruses, misuse of network bandwidth, unwanted data flood, and disclosure of company proprietary information. 


At minimum, these issues threaten your company’s smooth operation and at worst it’s viability.



Company financial data, customer information, network server up-time, individual user productivity, all are at risk.  While most companies provide employee access to the Intranet and remote access to company network, few have up-to-date policies to handle these security issues.



CNC can provide the services necessary to design an effective Network Security Program for your company.  Since understanding a system’s weaknesses is key to designing a security plan/upgrade that works; the first step is a CNC Point by Point Security Evaluation of the process and technical vulnerabilities and their probability of occurrence.

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