The IT Technology Partners program is designed to give us access to the complete spectrum of technology expertise we need to ensure the success of the ultimate beneficiaries - our clients. Based on our philosophy of being technology agnostic and seeking to create "business pull" for technology than the usual "technology push" from the IT consulting industry.

Our Partners have demonstrated industry and application-specific expertise, market leadership, proven implementation methodology, and outstanding customer service.

Below is a list of partners: Technical, Suppliers, Service or application. To visit a partner's website, click on their logo.

Microsoft: A world leader in the development and distribution of software for business and home users.


Symantec: Our partnership with Symantec assures the trained, up-to-date systems security expertise our clients need to secure their technology investments and intellectual assets. We provide expert services to assess, protect, enable and manage business processes and information assets using Symantec security products.

As an Symantec Partner, we have early access to solutions and products and receive priority technical support from Symantec's engineers.


VERITAS: Software Corporation is a leading provider of data availability software solutions that enable customers to protect and access their business-critical data.


APC: manufactures the industry's most reliable, manageable power infrastructure and environmental conditioning solutions for business network and Data Center environments. APC solutions are designed to increase the reliability and availability of your business systems, wherever data it is created, transmitted and stored.


3Com: solutions connect businesses of any size to information and services in more innovative, intelligent, and reliable ways than any other networking company. As a 3Com partner we'll help provide feature-rich, high-performance networking connectivity solutions to your business at the best value. We specialize in high-growth areas including LAN technology, networked telephony, wireless technology, network interface cards (NICs) and PC Cards.


HP/Compaq: A leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services - is focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to all. The merger of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer Corporation forged a dynamic, powerful team.


Dell: The world's most preferred computer systems company, is a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. Dell, through its direct business model, designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Dell is's preferred hardware provider, delivering high performance and unparalleled value for our Data Center operations.


Linksys: Is known as the leader in networking solutions for the home and small business particularly wireless LAN equipment, broadband routers, network adapters for the desktop and notebook PC and hubs and switches.


Intel: A main supplier for computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems and software building blocks that are the "ingredients" of computers, servers, and networking and communications products.


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